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House Rewires York

A question many a house owner asks in York about Rewiring a house is Do I need A rewire on my York house and more often potential house buyers in York ask themselves before buying a house in York or selling a house in York is does it need a rewire?. Often the answer is not simple and requires a visit from a Electrical Contractor in York such as Electrical Services, as some parts of the installation maybe satisfactory, others not so therefore we need to visually inspect it. Some older properties may have had modifications carried out while different (i.e.. older) versions of the Wiring Regulations were in force and are now in need of improvement due to the DIY element of current or previous home owners that do not comply to the regulations. Contact Electricians York for reassurance and expert advice on 0800 7797472 We are happy to talk over the phone and from information gained from talking to you we can advise you on the next course of action.